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Item: High Purity Tropicamide Powder for Sale

Price: $2

By: cocopowder

Added: 11/30/2017

Link: AWSell.com/Item.cfm?I=7946

Location: China

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Description: coco@pharmade.com Skype: sjgbolic Wickr:steroidpharma Product Name:Tropicamide Generic Name: tropicamide Brand Name: Examples include Mydral and Mydriacyl CAS No: 1508-75-4 Tropicamide is used for: Dilating the pupil and paralyzing certain muscles in the eye for diagnostic tests. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor. Tropicamide is an anticholinergic. It works by relaxing the muscles of the eye to cause the pupil to dilate or widen (mydriasis).

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